Foreign Voice Over Library

Extensive voice over directory with hundreds of voice actors and thousands of voice samples.

Talented voice over artists ready to record at your studio or from ours. Famous voices at your disposal.

Tell us the type of voice, age, read you need and we will email you a selection for voice talent available.

Foreign Versions

We will produce an audio version from an English original into most commercial languages.

Or vicesversa we can voice your foreign version into English working with an excellent array of English voice over talent.

Translation, transcription and adaptation

Script translation and adaptation is crucial and our project manager will allocate the right people to your production.


Localization is the process of making sure scripts are ready for the target audience and all wording, phrase structure and coloquialisms are accurate and appropiate for the target market.

Voice Recordings

Audio ready for broadcasting. We are up to date with international broadcasting specifications and audio formats.

Our sound engineers record voices, hundreds of hours, short or long scripts, female, male, Chinese or English. They are very familiar with the ins and outs of voice over recording and mixing.

Our recording booth are very comfortable and allow voice talent and producers to focus on the work at hand.

Voice and Audio Post-production

Voice Dubbing

Contact Password Ltd first when you need to dub your feature film, animation series, advert, corporate presentation, TV series or video game in English or in a foreign language.

Password, talk to the world. Contact now!