Our experience in advertising goes back many years. As well as English we also record in Spanish and other European languages are also available.As easy as it may look, recording an advert is a very complex, demanding and accurate job. Casting is an essential part of this exciting process. We carefully assess each voice actor and go through many voice samples to find the best read for your advertising campaign.
Already this year we have had the pleasure of recording many excellent adverts for large advertising campaigns. Too many to mention but amongst them Tag Heuer, Gatorade, Benetton, M&Ms, Orbit (Ashton Kutcher), Gillette and Fairy for Spain.

World-wide Advertising Campaigns

ProDubbing has produced great foreign versions for many global brands. Access to the best voice talent available and fast turn around is what we can bring to your production.

Advertising is a very demanding and challenging field. Every word needs the right inflection as a single word conveys many emotions and sends a message to the audience.

Dozens of takes are recorded and working very closely to the creative team we achieve the best results for the brand.